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sunnuntaina, toukokuuta 14, 2017

unpopular opinions and please do laugh at the misfortune of others -.-

Car's broken. Would be cheaper to get a new engine than repair the part that got broken. It sounded as if something snapped and it just rolled with it's last fumes and it was only lucky there was room to park a car near an intersection where some shops were.
I walked for at least an hour and about 3,5 kilometers with the dog voluntarily. It was a pretty day. We arrived home almost at the same time, he was just a few minutes earlier.
Like I said, it was kind of lucky.. I wore shorts and a hoodie and under my hoodie my training shirt. We were going to Mother's Day coffee at his parents. We ended up not going.
I was doing my last broadcast ever on certainly not the last but I was going to make it last longest.
Now I've just been trying same as some Russian models etc skinny bitches. Dancing with skimpy clothes. I didn't do very well, because I have no butt, I'm mostly shoulders and tummy chubbiness... I don't even have any skimpy clothes? I think my corset has shrank.
Pretty much just loathing myself and being sweaty and unlucky in all of the luckiness or whatever!!
I saw people masturbating on as well... there was a guy and a woman at least. Touching their genitals, jacking off, doing it. I think that's too personal and way too sexualized for that app. I reported them, but... am I not allowed to talk about it?
Like, hush I'll go thanks bye.

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