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torstaina, toukokuuta 25, 2017

today's the day

I wonder if fiance has had to hide the trimmer machine from me? I would do my whole hair. Bald...
I wonder if anyone else hates my hair?

Been awake four hours -- and accomplished nothing yet. I've been playing on my phone and vaping. I guess I put on some makeup.. you can see it on the video. I hate that my face is bursting out again cuz the pill.

Not sure what I've been doing worth mentioning. I know it's a lot but I can't remember what? It's like it had just been a dream.
Ate a tube of banana split icecream yesterday. I haven't gained a lot of weight, but I probably will, if...
well today I just had coffee and some soup from yesterday. Might make some rice cakes and put tuna on top or whatever. I am getting hungry, just got to drink more water, I dunnoes.

I really want to make my blog more about fashion. If I get down to it, I can make anything I want happen. But yeah, I'm way too much in my own world to take opportunities by the horns


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