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lauantaina, toukokuuta 13, 2017

Thanks for having me

May I whine that when I went back to bed and tried to fall asleep again, I couldn't?? I just lay there, it wasn't even taking a nap... so I got up and took the dog for a walk.
I've been on the app a lot. I saw it was trending on iTunes as well!
Got 300 coins worth diamond from Amsterdam, because I guessed what he bought and it was peaches. I'm not a psychic, just a lucky two-minded guess ;P

I've been doing game broadcasts too but those aren't so popular. I have zombie games on my new android xcover3.
Basically I can't discuss about anything else but that app, because it is on my mind a lot.

The battery on my iPhone 6 that I got replaced is just as bad. It's regrettable...
Mum sent me fifteen euros, but my bank balance is still not on the positive side... I don't care, at least I have food. I watched a youtube video about living on $1.5 per day for five days and vegan no less. I probably couldn't go hungry for very long, even though I don't have things to concentrate on.

Yea well see ya laters dear blog and readers.

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