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maanantaina, toukokuuta 01, 2017

sweet and salty

I'm not even hungover. Just eating lollipops and cotton candy all morning and suffering from my wisdom tooth again but I did have a painkiller so that helped a bit, but I definately must see a dentist or mouth hygienist or whatever soon, maybe. I don't know why I crave sugar if my teeth are in bad shape. They aren't usually in bad shape, I mean. My vape liquids taste so sweet also...
Yesterday my secret lover took contact on snapchat since like forever. Apparently found his phone. It looks like we might be spending some time in the same country this summer. Still got to tweak some details but hell yeah.
Was wearing my high school graduation cap yesterday still with tags on. I haven't graduated but I have the diploma. Almost like cheating, but at least it didn't fly off my head. It is working people's day today and don't think I'll go to the market again. The liquorice was good that they sell in the stalls, though usually I don't eat any black candy. Not to mention candy or pastry. But sometimes gotta make exceptions.
Did a eating just the lollipop and apparently some guys got an erection and added me on snapchat and shit. I am good with my mouth, defo. It's not like I had zero gag reflex, but close enough.
Now that sounds like me already... shit and erection and gag reflex... lust and paranoia and obsession... <3
Anyways, I'm not in the mood for writing, I just know that I should keep this habit up.

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