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keskiviikkona, toukokuuta 10, 2017

so straight it's not even funny

Probably not jumping in a plane and somehow get hands on convention tickets on a couple of days notice. Yo. Man can dream. I'm no bro.
At least I'll send some fanmail... my second try at fanmail ever. The first attempt one failed quite miserably...
Why did I turn on notifications on all his social media.. this reminds me when I was following mr. Jay Manuel. He's gay tho I made a fan page once, to a boy at my school... never would of have slept with the guy though - I just admired him like a book character, I didn't really know him.
Oh why am I so compulsive. Then there's the london guy. That makes less than five guy who I've been obsessed with. My fiance won't count cause he shares my everyday stuff.
I mean, everyone in your dream is you - but I usually have just one guy in my dreams at a time.
Most often they don't know about me. I dunno, it's not like I was some mega star
why so cute :~oPP
Oh yeah and think he's married to Darleen Hollywood... whoever that's...
I get hungry just looking at him -.- Probably not scientifically backed up sensation of anything lols but I did read guys salivate more when they get excited over girls ...moronity is in their genology

I think I have to just last this crush out... <\3

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