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perjantaina, toukokuuta 12, 2017


fuckedy fuckedy my life's a tragedy. I wanna do a poem but dunno what rhymes with jealousy...

I'm so poor and ten days until I get any money and it's a Monday and oh so nice that'll go to bills as well.

I bought a pack of cigs today with any last money I had and dunno if I should just keep poking holes in potatoes and stick them in the microwave. I have three potatos left and all I want is coke.

Took doggie out, he pooped while I was streaming it, for the twenty minutes I walked, about

My fiance's not home and just here by myself.. kajsa is her name? Ka-y-suh apparently it is pronunciated or whatever (if, you are from any other language, you know how and kaysuh only will confuse you more)

How can one be "from a language" ugh I mean basically european countries, nativities and such crap... altough it does speak a language of the flowers...

yup. boring old me just confusing things with you, dear avid reader. Avid reader sounds cooler and better, it's like I had more text to be familiar with...nah

Well I guess I'll go. I like to live in the present and only 14% in the past, and even less in the future (statistics I pulled out of my ass)
It was fun disappointing people again.

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