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tiistaina, toukokuuta 02, 2017

oh my god, no one knows (and if they don't care that's fine)

my story vid I made last night. What a project to be doing!

I think Radiohead's Creep is my fave song to sing right after HIM's Join Me in Death.
Last night was listening to Seether, my fave band since like 2004 or before.
Finally fell asleep after smoking all my cigs and listening to some meditation...
Today I'm on a squishy/liquid diet... my wisdom tooth hurts a bit. Hopefully it isn't infected, but I have no idea where they keep growing from!!!

Sent some atc's to a 13-year old boy in the mail yesterday. It was like a little care package of backgrounds and etc paper stuff (ephemera) plus an angry birds postcard lol.

Alright. It's noon-ish and I'm about to get bored. So see you and all the good stuff.

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