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lauantaina, toukokuuta 13, 2017

in my little palace of bubbles

I am such a bloody fucking idiot ...why do I let myself get scammed. What else is it but a waste of time?? I feel so bad, too. He owes me a castle of 19999 coins. I'm glad I just lost my dignity and not cash. I'm feeling lonesome also, because of so many bots coming on my broadcast and it suxxxxx
Fiance should be home soon. I was alone all day and couldn't do anything of usefulness... I guess I heated a burger and did some noodles and drank a bottle of cola but that'll just accumulate into fat...
I drank a beer. Maybe I can blame the beer for being so spontaneous?
In this post I've already showed so many bad qualities of myself... do I have to mention what they are? Not sure if being blue eyed is a bad trait sometimes or spontanously just I dunno... there are pictures of me naked sure, so it's not like an embarressing thing - but still.
And my butt is so small ehrmargerd I'm dying. It's from sitting down so much.. I used to walk a plenty and now just squats won't get you that booty...
Anyways. Why am I so bummed!! It's not like my life served a better purpose. It does not get pretty when I blame myself. But I have all the time in the world and what have I ever achieved, huh?
Sure I'm worthy of living as the way things are - but... and, I never deserved any of this- but... It is the way it is and whatever will be... I dunno. I'm so ready to go "guys"

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