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sunnuntaina, toukokuuta 07, 2017

for my own record

Fell asleep after listening to Chad Lindberg's live radio talk and woke up and he was on Woot. Happy days. He was selling some autographs on ebay but the import fees, shipping, and it would've cost fifty bucks to my country.. I'd rather splather him with gifts on once in a while..
My iPhone's battery died at night. I fall asleep in five mins or less, but apparently was still listening to Capital FM London all night. Had some sexy time with fiance as the guy was finishing his broadcast.
I'm about to get coffee and breakfast.
I hope this guy actually gets some rest, because he's too busy and sometimes tired looking already.
I don't have so much plans for today but maybe oughta clean the flat.
My head is starting to hurt even though I'm not hungover...maybe..shouldn't be.

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