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keskiviikkona, toukokuuta 17, 2017

Don't be morbid, Kajsa -what my host mum said, when I was reading the Bible

I know I'm always so bad at summarising my "essays".. that's the only feedback I got, calling my opinion text  "as-if smart" writing.. I deleted my link from that fb group right after I got the comment... Some people think I should write, some don't.

Having a cup of coffee this morning. It looks it will rain today, it's cooler than yesterday out there. Tears of angels washing away the sins of yesterday or just the ecosystem circulating water.... poetic fashion or just biology.. I had Lemontree ringing in my ears yesterday while I was semi-dyeing my hair yesterday. This morning it's quite frazzled. I didn't check but my pillow is probably dyed, too.

Had a pack of cigs yesterday, also vaping. Ate porridge, sammies, pancakes, tuna, and potatoes with mayo. I think I eat pretty normal amounts. This morning I think my scales is broken... it just crept up and up from a weight I couldn't possibly have lost weight to get to.

So... it looks as if we had some new readers? I am always checking who visits my blog etc.. I've only had like four people on here simulatenously like ever... but don't worry, you don't have to stalk me on here. (I do love it when you do.)

Yesterday shaved all over before getting the colour off my hair. Watched some anime pr0n after and fell asleep quite early (well, early for me can be anywhere from 7-9pm) I have this shaving thingy that fits the hand well and has aloe vera etc on the blades, it's a subscription of blades I've had for ~10 years... offers them intuition sensitive care things. I think they've improved the device a few times during those years. It's a bit less than forty euros per 6 blades. If I shave all-over like my legs as well, then they go quicker

I dunno what I'm writing anymore. *sips coffee* I guess, because I am nearing the bottom of the screen again, that my brain is going off and not wanting to come to any conclusion.

Friday after meeting my friend, we'll be going on a cabin on an island for a little weekend retreat, if possible. Depends if we can afford to get some food and drink to go with us. I am hoping not to spam my new instagram account (kajsabl) too much while being drunk +bored LOL

btw, I watched some videos about trends& shared them almost everywhere... I'm a Libra so I love clothes and fashion,

Alrighty see you later alligator. muah!

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