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keskiviikkona, toukokuuta 24, 2017

burnt out

Made a soup and my fiance won't eat it because it has turkey. How frustrating that he never eats anything I make.
Been singing on a starmaker app yesterday. Today I've mostly slept. I'm not lazy.
Yea and there was that pregnancy test yesterday... I should call somewhere, if my brown flow is normal or not.
I don't know. I'm drowning in bills.Would rather have smoothies, icecream, new clothes and whatever..
I should probably have a shower, because I stink. Got an old deco swap today handed to me at the store, it's theme was fantasy, from early 00's.
Neighbors invited to play a yard game but I had the soup still with the stove on at lowest temperature while we were shopping, for, I dunno 45 mins?

I've drank more water lately. uh uh what else. Had that shower and just letting my hair dry and in a hurry to post whatever on the blog of mine.


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