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torstaina, huhtikuuta 27, 2017

nature is alive

I'll be drinking a strong cider (light perry) and a a can of beer today. I was invited to go walking with our neighbour's dogs, but I was downtown. Got a video of them dogs going for a swim. Labradors were made for water.

Dunno how wasted I'll be on Sunday. It's quite warm now but windy, I think if I had sweat any more, I'd be ill soon.
I'll be excited to see if my period is coming on the weekend, cause even on the pill the last pills on are sorta fake and you're supposed to bleed during those days but my cycle is so messed up with the trying out the uid for three months and now back on the pill where I'm lucky to get a period once a year or less.

It was nice to be meeting my friend again. She's the ultimate gifter and guardian angel in real life for me. I don't know anyone as generous, really. She was talking the most today. My head is somewhere else today. I was thinking that because I lost so much weight the past week, I could be in love or whatever but maybe it's just the money and tightening the belt so to speak. I mean sex is fine. I have to just get creative a little. Kinky is my middle name

what else. everyone loves love, but what everyone loves more, is second-time-around love
(A quote)

anyways... cliché after cliché so I just press delete a lot. I think the cider is starting to work.

Yeah I put my contacts on today and it's nice once to throw my hair away off my face instead of lifting up my glasses. Usually when people keeping their hand near their face it means their lying

trust me, not because I'm loyal or whom I know, or if you can't, then trust yourself. Keep busy and let time cure all ills... cuz tomorrow you might be dead and time goes so fast, needless to say, and then it's too late to live fully

and that is why I press delete a lot and swallow some things I'm kind of saying but then I miss the right words to use. my English ain't perfect, but it's over 90% good and that's what you get or whatever

National Finnish culture day. Flags are swinging in the wind and life goes on and it's hard to stay possessed or obsessed with any little thing or person. I mean, I do move on. I might not keep grudges but I do move on and learn from what ever reason some things represent in my life

and awws life's pretty

my mind is getting all fuzzy I drank half a bottle already to my thirst. see ya, take care, love you, and keep calm and by the way I'm not rude, I'm just Finnish... that's the way the world spins

round is a shape

and what was the other thing... the glitch I was going to write but didn't

uh oh eek can't even. yea thanks bye I'm good. just sliding my fat fingers on the keyboard and once in a while even scraping them while thinking what to write actually

I'm no JK but I keep rolling. yer a pirate, Jack. Why so many fandoms. type-ty type-ty

I want to have a last word and the last word, is no.......  *picks a random number*

what'dya win? (nothing) So I'm guessing whatever will be will be. that's whatever your parents used to say to youuuu~~~

asdfghgjlöjghwquehqwfnk huopjoäoqruqn jojfiefqåh (I'd be so used to it if you'd google my name and that was what would come up first ;;D)

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