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keskiviikkona, huhtikuuta 26, 2017

life is but a dream -row, row, row your boat nursery rhyme

I wouldn't necessarily ask myself, who I am, but rather - What is my role?
Today I was fat and insecure but also happy and excited and a bit sad for another being.
Roles are important in life. You are a daughter, a sister, a friend and co-worker, human or a patient. All valid roles in the life of you. You aren't your diagnosis, you aren't how you determine yourself. Your sexuality isn't which sex you were born in, because brain doesn't have a gender. Everything and all is valid. We are all the matter.

but yeah, that's positive affirmations for today.

Hoping for a warm weekend, it's freezing outside. Wishing I wasn't so bored most of the time, so I could burst more thoughts out of my mind ;~P

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