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lauantaina, huhtikuuta 29, 2017

getting my stuff together

Happy May Day Eve Eve. Time to start with the serpentine and mead and donuts, if you haven't already.
It was a slow morning. Eventually took a shower etc. I don't know why I am so depressed sometimes.
Waiting for my hair to dry and charging my phone. Found a white makeup pen and put some under my eyes, so I don't look forty. My eyes are so blurry, I should probably wear contacts so I could see better. Or maybe it's just these cheap Chinese eyeglasses.

Maybe I should've written that in Finnish- because by now I would start filling the page with random ramblings. Wish I could get a green card and fly to Usa sometimes... but now what would that do. It isn't like I knew anyone there.

Yeah. I think this post deserved a few pics, but it's so difficult sometimes because of having two phones and usually taking pics with them and there isn't that blogger app anymore.

Still having to decide what, and if, I'll be wearing a wig tomorrow.

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