let us not label ourselves

Been spending money like there was no tomorrow. Bought a yellow "train" shirt for gym (?) and some socks and a blu-ray (Fantastic Beasts), also been smoking and vaping... food I did buy too... cookies and stuff. Also I want a new theme for this blog so I paid 39€ for that to some Italian chick whose design I've had since November 2014, when she started designing or whatever.
I haven't been spending on games or cheap china stuff though?

Tajusin että snapchat tekee mistä vain kuvasta "tarran" ja niitä saa helpolla lisättyä kuviin. Siellä on mun hymyhuulia, Akun naamoja ja klonkkua tms hamstereita... Hamster life appsi on mun uusin villitys, kun en voi saada oikeaa hamsua koska Aku söisi sen...
Tallainen pastelli teema on aika jees, keväinen.

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