witches arrow and other awfully named sicknesses

Kröh köh. Avokki sai persuuksiin parit piikit selkäkipuunsa, ja hain samalla itelle saikkua... Mulla on kuiteskin parin viikon irtisanomisaika eilisestä eteenpäin, joten maaliskuussa olisi niinkö FREEDÖM;..kuiteskin höpötellyt yli 300 tuntia vissii tona aikana, niin ei oikei...tota, kestä.
Pitäisi olla kait vaiti, ellen sit tee jotain hömppää tubetusta kohta. Päivällisenä oisi kermaperunoita ja pihviä ja ehkä jos nakkikastike on elossa, niin sitä siihen kylkeen. Ei mulla nyt ole nälkä, kun otettiin sipsisnapsii molemmille pussit ja tuolla se kattelee elossa yhä jotain netflixin toimintaaa.
jeaa. Latasin puhelimeen sellaisen pelin, kuin Pocket Plants... saa lisätä, oon Kajsab. Siinä tulee energiaa aina kun kävelee ja mitä tosta nimestä nyt voisi päätellä? Odotin tota ehkä pitkään, ja nyt se onkin ilmestynyt jo -.- aika menee nopeeta.
Mun menkat on vieläkin päällänsä. Kävin verikokeissa kun oli jotn huimausväsymys lorvikatarria, mutta se hemoglobiinit ym olikin sitten melkosta hyvät arvot.
Tarttisi ehkä käydä suihkussa, en muista koska viimeksi kävin itteeni huiluttelee,,
Kanske jag förtsätsattare med engelska. 
At this point I'm making a headline in English so maybe oughta write text in that language? Well, starters I resigned yesterday and taking some sick leave already... I'll be doing not much of anything after March 1st. yay? I still got a gym membership to use, if my periods ever decide to stop. Got a blood test the other day and I was good. not anemic. I am in anamnesis now (able to tell about my disorders like as if through a dream) so maybe they are taking me seriously-er,,?
What else. my londonguy or whatever, sent me snapchat chat last night and I was awake like 2am responding to him  cuz I had to go pee and whatnot. It was nice,, I wanna visit america somewhen(not). too... cause of... well, they have such good public transport(not). lotsa love to my murican fans tho... my live vids on are so bad I think I have to revise my pronunciation cause I rly need to sound better, so I need practise !! And yeah my English is British not American, and some slang does exist only in places like British isles cuz indeed I've bin there..... somewhen is supposed to be a thing from Isle of Wight guys. It's been 10 years peoples, but my long term memory is selective on stuff... uh.

can't be bothered with life today. I have no say in it anyways. mega epic fail day was the day I was born.. btw I just remembered I kinda have to take my antidepressant today.

I think it's best if I hired a 10k monkeys and bought them 10 000 typewriters to blog something for me. I could do a gofundme page for them to buy the bananas for my 'workers'...
except yeah all sort of crowd funding is actually pretty illegal in my country and you have to buy some sorta permit for every littlest thing..gross what a monopoly it is,,all your money belong to us, says the gov... so yeah sshh.

what am I even. I guess I'll go play with my iphone. I spend quite a lot of time on it anyways (even if I wasn't tweeting)
but yeah bye luvs. I have no niche to talk to you guys about or whatevs,          lives painful and shit happens and  that sorta morbidity I guess..not that I'm crying about anyfin

just bloody quit my job yesterday and still got to be there two weeks and suck-ed-y-suck-it

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