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tiistaina, helmikuuta 21, 2017


Kirjoitin tuossa n. 500 sanaa elämäkertaa. Aloitin sitä kirjoittaa uudestaan ilman mitään google translatea käyttäen.
Tässä on ollut kaikenlaista vipinää. Poltin kaloreitakin popkorni pussillisen verran, ja täällä on karmea käry nyt sisällä.
Tänään ilmestyi taas uusi jakso Varjojen valtakunta sarjaa, ja katsoin sen Netflixistä...
Eilen olin kaverin kanssa kaupungilla syöden ja juoden kiinalaisessa ja alkoholia join jokusen annoksen. Kävin parissa paikassa itekseenkin, ja tuli ostettua jotain sälää... laventelin väristä akryylimaalia muun muassa. Täytyy säästää vielä, että saisin ostettua muitakin värejä. hee...

Ei kai tässä sitten muuta?

I was born shortly before the 90’s recession in Finland. I was a tiny pink scroll with dark hair, and blonde until not a toddler anymore. My childhood was full of alone time, and I played quiet games and used my imagination a lot. It’s as if I did all of the growing up by myself, because my mum has even agreed (in her own words, no less) that she was never a loving adult in my life. She left my dad because of some loan he made her sign a surety for, though I do blame myself as well. I spent couple of my first years sharing the floor space with a couple of nice West Highland terriers, and I am a more of a dog person in my life. Every summer we would go in a caravan van to East of Finland and I learnt to swim in the lake when I was a one-year-old. Grandma had a kiosk, I used to go there and steal some candy or just hang out. When I lived the rest of my fourth grade at my dad’s, I would’ve escaped to her house because I didn’t want to rake leaves, but she said I can’t and I was told off. One of my first summer jobs were at a camping site, and I knew when I was little that I would be working there behind the counter one day. It was just one of those little visions I had of my future. I knew my mother would relocate to that little town my stepdad grew up in. I knew when she had to tell me about it, that I would have to leave everything and move somewhere, I’d be a stranger. Gone were my Spice-Girls fan days, in came the books. I read quite a lot, of course I knew a hundred young literature books in a year wasn’t even much. When I was ten years old, I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the most disappointing in all of the books was that when the ring of power was destroyed I had to go back at least a page or two, before I realised it had been destroyed already… Then I read the Harry Potter books, and apparently my mother is a week older than the author of those books. I guess I was a bit moody and sulky already when I knew we were moving and, as a pre-adolescent, it was tough not to shout and argue and spat with the people I lived with in-voluntarily. I heard my mother was frightened of me once, but hadn’t she been the one with the metallic end of a vacuum cleaner to hit my head? Didn’t my step-dad bunch a hole in the door to my room? And that is, to mention the violence that had only been the latest towards me. One summer I pleaded my mother not to go drinking and leave me alone in her dad’s cabin, and soon as the other were gone, she hit me hard on my cheek. Also our shopping trips were rough. It was hard to find me clothes. I was a big girl and had wide feet.

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