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maanantaina, helmikuuta 13, 2017

kutsu mua miksi haluat...

Huomenta. Laitoin piilarit silmiin. Hiukset elää jotain omaa elämää... meen vasta kahteentoista töihin? Mun ääni oli kyllä ihan maassa kun heräsin. Söin yhden hampparin aamupalaksi, enkä edes lämmittänyt sitä. Tili on -20e... ja sitä tulee vasta ensi viikon puolessa välissä, ja silloinkin tarvisi maksaa satasen sähkölaskua jne oujea..
I don't know what to write. I put some contacts on and did video for a bit with a pink wig on..yeah I have a cute face and I'm funny or whatever. Going to work in a bit, it only starts for me today at noon. Not sure I want to be there anymore though. It's killing my vibe.
I've been supposed to go the cinema now for weeks and still haven't. I didn't even see Fantastic Beasts, even though I have a necklace that says Fantastic Beasts. Just listening some spotify and thinking of what to write. Weekend is over. Joined some sugar dating site yesterday... or at least went back there, I've had the account for years. I dunno... feeling slightly depressed though I took my antidepressant. Maybe it's my periods. They've been on now for almost a week, dripping slightly less as time goes by but I didn't have them for a couple of years but once a year.
end. moikat! morjemorje..

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