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listing stuffs

1- List of words you love
- existential, happiness, in love,
2- Shopping List
-batteries for scales, notebooks, clear tape,
3- Names you like {children,animals etc}
- Lavender, Snape, Draco, Nemo,
4- Weird food combinations that you {or someone you know} likes
- Tabasco& popcorn, the maple suryp drink from the beyonce diet,
5- Bucket list
- get a dragon tattoo, get another hamster, pay my debts,
6- Things that gross you out or annoy you
- not having a good mother-child relationship, salmiakki, risotto,
7- Best meals you've had including where
- first meals I made in my own flat, making lemon kissel, lavender poundcake, icecream& sweets, butterbeer, most English food like yorkshire pudding, mince pies, milkyway chocolate spread,
8- Things in your bedroom {not the basics like bed, lamp etc}
- piles of dirty clothes, night table, tv,  shelf, sunblocking curtains
9- Things on your wish list
- notebooks, crafty thingys, dragon statue, new friends
10- Things that make you nostalgic
-pokemon gen1, harry potter, my gameboy color, jlo's album on the 6, singing in the car and told to shut up,
11- All time favourite songs
- most seether songs, lady gaga's bad romance, yesterday by john lennon,
12- Random memories
- when I stormed out of fast food places with my mum cuz the food tasted bad, losing a lot of friends and still remembering their names, when I started antidepressants and I got real anxiety, getting banned for life from a irc user gallery that lots of youngster use, having fans, being a year abroad alone and walking a lot,
13- Your to-do list
- mail stuff out, pay bills, take meds daily, shower, do stuff and go places, not smoke cigarettes, 

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