anonyymit pysykää poissa! Kerjääminen kielletty


staring at the blank page before you, open up the dirty windows, and let the ....lyrics invade your mind-

so f*kn bored! Just came to announce that. Feeling better than yesterday, though. I was so groggy, it lasted until evening. I look like I was seventy years old in my new glasses... is my skin in such bad condition or is it the lines around my mouth?! try it yourself: or just google it.
for some reason Evanescence's Hello is playing on my mind's background like... angst!!!
hello~~~I'm your mind, giving you, someone to talk TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*piano music plays*


I don't sing like her tho. tho?though. too=to.
I'm a perfectionista but only when I have the talent... you need to applaud me you knows...
I think by far this age I've come to I actually have, like a set way; of writing/drawing/etc.

enter. enter. oh enter how much I use thee, nowadays. I need like a break from on here... Anyone know shift+enter also exists? But I don't need that.

It's just code after all. a piece of data, an algorithm, zeroes and ones, and you don't get messed up from sitting in front of a computer screen&& that just doesn't compute cuz computer says NO.
you know?
children are playing outside... sounds fun... only appliances whizzing here and my typing.
live in the moment.&&smell the roses
how is that even...?? well maybe it means red roses and not, you know, like white roses at funeral homes but whatevs looking at 6ft Under I see that it smells like that there on most days so they've accustomed to it like. sweet home.

HBO! I have watched 3/4 from the newest episode only :( and I've been spoiled about it already so what's the use of game of thrones, fans....

^thought you might know what I'm writing 'bout. nowadays it's either pokemon, drawing pokemon, or game of thrones.
I've listened to GoT book1 audiobook almost ...2hrs, today? and still have 26/33 hours, left.

I don't even. use punctuation properly. just leave them out if you don't know where to put them, the teacher says... yeah right... I must've made that up. sooo funnies...~~~
:( no really.
Things I don't know about the English language: when someone says REAlly instead of reaLLY, how to say scizzors, and other s/z(c) problemzzz....

that shit ain't gonna take it own's notes. just fahkin noticed except I am only writing to mehselff.....ddssdadas DID I MENTION I WAS BOREDS

so go get me.2

there. edited my post to bring you two older than old songs' that'd been in my head today

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