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keskiviikkona, maaliskuuta 02, 2016

nothing unusual about calling anyone

Imagine you didn't speak a word of English and you hadn't read one bit in the last two years of my blogging of what I've put out there (just don't get sad, it'll just get better!).
I had a tooth removed a few weeks ago. That's like one big physical change I've gone through besides cutting my hair preetty short. My weight is fluctuating, not fast enough downwards if I want to keep up with my bet of 350 dollars of losing ten kilos in six months. I've been keeping a secret instagram account, for depression and other illnesses. It's what I do while I'm busy living the life... We have a skiing holiday for this week from school, it's Wednesday and I'm already bored. My fiance won't be out tomorrow I hope, so I won't have to dogsit.
Downloaded Pokémon Blue version on my 3ds from the nintendo shop this morning for 9,99€, and I've already played it for an hour. I've made a dishcloth and sent it to USA for a swap I hosted in swap-bot. I started reading a childrens' fantasy book for English classes I hadn't read since I was on my first grades. I'm going to make a three page writings on it, what's it about etc little one page answers.
Small things I've achieved, you know between watching Netflix, poking around the million bacteria on my iPhone6. Vaping instead of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. I have two mods now, 50w iStick's from eleaf, other one silver and other one pink. I have at least three broken tanks, and one I ordered some new atomizers for. A friend of my fiance's gave me some liquids he didn't like to use, so I'm all set for vapocalypse. That's when 10ml of liquids supposed to last for a week, and other laws surrounding it making it pretty impossible as a hobby. It's not like nicotine had any nutritional value, or I'd smoke 5 packs a day instead!
Been taking my meds every day, being in anamnesis and whatnot, applied to some summer jobs, of sure I'm certain I'll never hear back from again... and just, having a pretty long hole in time in my cv that a cat might squeeze through, so to speak. It's just one question they'll ask, if I can do the job, right.
Easter is around the corner, and apparently May Day as well, as there was mead already in our local shop today.
Still got a few tattoos, one in my bum, arm and side of my hand. Not planning more.
Friend just called. She's stoked about the Orange is the New Black third season coming on bluray/dvd. Well yeah, I should watch all night long my series, because on daytime I just don't seem to concentrate. (on anything.)
I like how freely my words flow on the laptop, though.
Anyways, this writing is probably way over my head. Nevermind if I was bilingual or proficient or whatevs.
Got another call. He'll be home in a couple of hours, he says. They are having a Finnish sauna, he says. I'm bored at home, sighing and being sarcastic and, well not at least bored to tears. I was going to take a nap today...

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