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Hello, my name is Kajsa Blom. Online people find me and my blog by the self-proclaimed nick-"name" Kitujainen... There is no story to the name, it was my author's spotlight name at a self-publishing site in the U.S. So it's just a word scrabble, and isn't even easy to pronunciate in English nor does it mean anything in Finnish. Anyway, I'm old enough to have some life experience and proficiency in English at 27-years. I was born in Tampere in year 1988, on midday in September, after my grandparents anniversary party. I have half-siblings that are all younger than me, from 19 to 7 years old from both my parents' side. I live here where I belong, in a city, the city of Tampere to be exact. I moved too many times when I was younger, so I've had a class reunion in Turku and some of my high school friends are living on the South-Western countryside. I have hobbies that allow me to do things on my own at my own pace in peace, such as reading and watching movies or writing letters and I have for long took part in social media because I self-taught being on computers and using technology. My fiance has a Labrador Retriever that we rescued together... Mostly I listen to radio streaming online from London that plays TOP40 music, but I have been a fan of a pust-grunge/hard rock band called Seether from 2003. I even went to their gig in Camden last year, since they cancelled a gig in Southampton, when I was an exchange student on Isle of Wight in England. They played some of their older production, which was great. I recognised most of the songs.

I love to watch movies over and over again, in which the main character repeats the day all over again, such as The Edge of Tomorrow or Groundhog's Day. I counted seeing fifty horror/thriller movies at the age of fifteen. I also love fantasy. I don't mind long descriptions of a view or a far away land, and I am a dragon by Chinese horoscope, and so, all sort of different creatures of different species excite me. My favourite author when I was a 10-year-old, who also wrote book The Hobbit - has the perfect battle description of different species fighting from all directions, and it is all brilliant in my imagination, or mind. J.K. Rowling's book came after, I'm a part of the "Harry Potter generation"; or potterheads. I'm just as unique personality as A. Einstein, who didn't like to wear socks and loved sailing even when he wasn't good at it.

If I was an animal? My answer lately has been a flamingo, because "they can stand on one feet half of the day". I sketched a bird like that at school and watercoloured it. I don't believe Art is a profession, and it makes money poorly, but if I call the work art in this case, it stood out from the other student's works. I feel like I stand out. The last six years have been horrific to my health and weight, because of a diagnosis they shot me with an injection for 6 years regularly that was for the wrong kind of symptoms. My sleep became much more restful and I am not as tired as before. Other side effects have diminished mostly out, too. I can now tell about my thought disorder like as if through a dream. I've been recovering well and done great for a long while. It is only something I have, not what I am.

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