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torstaina, marraskuuta 05, 2015


I've been googling for studies in English language now for some time... Cheapest speaking course is 15,00 eur next week's Friday for that one evening at folk high school... Then there is a home prep exam for 136eur for philology studies at the university...
Can't really think of free ways to study except grab book in my hand which I've already got. Reading about translation studies just might kill the enthusiasm.

I used to crane my neck and it hurt at first to sit on the computer even for a little bit, but I'm fine now since I got back on being on the computer a lot. My fiance did the dishes and made some macaroni stew while I was browsing Fantasy Garden game and looking at some options what I could study.
I haven't done much today... tomorrow morning is an early wake up thingy cause of the funeral and I need to look decent and maybe do something to my hair, etc if I am reading out loud all those thirty address' people sent, and my poem, for that matter.

I don't even usually write in English anything. I mean, I know the grammar and stuff, but even when I was writing my book, I translated it, and it needed some fixing. Not sure about where to put my commas, but I guess it's not like every English teacher has said, we don't need to worry about those. When I wrote my essay for Philosophy in Ryde High, there I had written a sentence, that wasn't really a sentence, either. I never finished that essay, because I couldn't get into a conclusion. I did get a B for my History essay though.

I'm a bit guarded when I'm writing this... it may be considered inconsiderate as well. I feel self-conscious. Usually my writing is just whatever comes to my mind; a mind flow, and I want to be efficient. I would welcome it, if people directed their activies to me.

Maybe I need to write a few thousand words, so it would be actually accurate to analyse anything about my personality, of what I wrote.

I paid my fiance's vehicle tax today. I'm living on debt now 100% and tomorrow when I get my pension, I'm going to have to pay rent. I can't buy anything. I have to make a strike on buying anything at all.
Last time I swore that, I had to buy antibiotics the same day. Life just keeps on getting better, ain't that the truth.

I've got to iron his shirt tonight for his suit at the funeral. He's one of the men carrying the coffin, not sure what they call them. I did see the word somewhere, but I think it was for hired help. Old aged people don't have relatives left much, I suppose. Loneliness kills more than cigarettes.
I don't know why I even bother writing...

eat shit!?

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