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maanantaina, marraskuuta 02, 2015

I've got a feeling my posts wouldn't stand out if they were in English

Dear reader,

 let me know if you want posts in English. That google translate must be dreary text to be reading.

We've got macaroni and minced meat stew in the oven.
Aaand we've had dinner.

Just went to check up on it, but then I forgot I had this blog editor open...
I know my grammar, but I like to use words like: can instead of may, etc. Use peoples instead of people etc.... just for the fun of it.
I found out last week that my personality type would be INTP, which means I'm a part of the third percentage of the world, who also have it. Einstein was one.
It wasn't such a reliable test, I found it through instagram... Wanted to check if I was like Steve Jobs, lol... you know, an inventor.
But apparently he's not even intp, so who cares.

I guess my life is complete now (that I know I'm such a rare personality type).
So far it's been a depressing autumn. A relative died. On the other hand, I got off a drug I've been gaining seriously weight for six years.
It's exciting, because you have no idea what is going to happen, not really.

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