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tiistaina, marraskuuta 03, 2015

in the ***ing darkness

I got some sort of an inflammation. *shrugs* At least I got a week's worth of two different antibiotics/drugs.
So, no partying in a week or over.
I was going to not spend any money today, not shop for anything, but of course I had to buy drugs.
I have different sort of bad habits... not sure which one to [x]choose from anymore, because I can't afford them all... like bulimia, smoking, soda, chocolate etc.

I've been reading the Game of Thrones Book: 1, as an audiobook from audible before bed.
I have to pretty much repeat listen half of it... but, at least last night, I slept like dracula during the day.. just rising from your coffin when you are called...

I am actually trying to quit soda, even though I feel like making a sodastream bottle of cola... I can almost smell it. I purged a little bit of icecream today :-/ I wasn't thinking. I had just taken my drugs and then I ate the tube, and of course... well yea pretty stupid and how does even anyone think of that, but I really don't think about anything, it's just like shoveling food, you don't think.
Addictions are pretty bad. I'm an addictive personality, at least my Chinese horoscope says.
I took a nap today.
My fiance apparently went cycling. He's so into that game Ingress... I wish he got a job, but jobs have disappeared, he says. Like a fart in Sahara, I'd say. He's soon lvl 8.
Yeah, he's back.
I should move, too. Right now I feel a bit sick- like I had fever? Sometimes I don't know what to do with myself.... sigh...

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