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maanantaina, elokuuta 10, 2015

third persona storytelling

The day before had been succesful. She had lost weight, but this year she hadn't managed to be under 116,5 kilos. On her waist she had lost a couple of centimeters. She had been walking a lot the whole summer, with dogsitting a dog for four weeks and now she and her fiance had gotten a dog of their own. It was a big dog. It had a hot spot on his chin and had to be taken to he vet very first thing.
How she had suddenly got to that weight, was probably because of the vitamins and diet pills she was taking, but also sweating her eyes off on an exercising machine. Her fitness had improved gradually. First it was 2 minutes, then 13 when she had to stop as she was sweating madly so she could no longer see from under the sweat. On her spare time she was writing letters, smoking, playing with her iPhone 6. She wasn't lazy, but her fiance did most housework and she wanted to help, but often the fiance would complain to her. Her fiance had crazy work ethics, being crazy about working. But she was terminally ill with a mental diagnosis. There was nothing she could do about it. When she had complained, all it did was add her dosage of drugs. No one could see the wrong that had been done to her, the shock and anger and resentment she felt for having been made this way. As the drugs had made her feel tired and hungry, she had gained fifty kilos over six years. Now it was time to do something about it, as she was finally rehabilitated so much, that most things didn't bother her. Less thinking, more doing, she thought...

Menin sitten wattpadiin ja kerroin siellä jotakin elämäkerrallista juttua, mutta vain pari on lukenut edes ensimmäistä osaa saati sitten jatkanut toisen sivun jälkeen :/ Se on englanniksi
mun nimimerkki on KajsaBlom jos joku haluaa tutustua

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