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perjantaina, heinäkuuta 24, 2015

what a day vol 85627856

So. Fucking tired. I am behind on my hobby the swap-bot things and penpaling. But when you have a dog to take for walks multiple times a day, and today I walked 10 km again... I just don't have the free time.
I really have to step up my game. Soon I can't enter any swaps, if my ratings don't improve. Or perhaps it was time to quit. Sad face.
Bills and bills again today, and I haven't two euros rubbing agains one another on my bank account.
Today the food was provided by my friend, but she isn't so swell either atm.

I just have to promise myself I will do those swaps on the weekend. And two letters to Finland.
Hopefully I won't run out of stamps. I did order a lot a couple of weeks ago, but still.
Our room air is a bit not so good. Or we just spend too much outside, so everything else is musty.
Just now, I remembered the word musty, but I thought I made it up or something... oh, what a word.

I lost my stapler today... maybe it dropped off my handbag or I left it at a information help desk of the city where we were printing stuff for free... Should've have put a sticker on it who it belonged to. Crap...

I seem to have a potty mouth today. Yay. I usually honestly don't.
It may be possible I don't get to do my London trip, because fiance lost his job, and honestly, we have rent to pay and I have huge amount of bills.
I watched Big Game today and Clown. I used up all my movie rental points for those two movies, but I did get entertainment for those points.
Oh my God, what else... I am so spent... Uusally things tend to work out, but what a bitch this life is!
Just makes me want to quit trying. Always people are like walls... you can either butt your head against it, or leave it. Yeah but anyways, felt like ranting a little. I drank a small bottle of alcohol today also, but I don't feel it's effect anymore... must have burned it off.
So, have a good night, and if you don't see me in your nightmares, have a nice morning, too.

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