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it all comes down to being lied to

Blom Kajsa
If you'd think like me, you'd be scared!
Trying to lose weight caused by 6 years on Risperdal meds. I have schizophrenia but before hospilization my IQ was 125. I've got good teeth, fantastic ratina's in my eyes, and exceptional hand co-ordination. I love dogs. My facial expression is usually rock solid.

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Q: If there is no cure for mental illness, then what do people mean when they say they recovered from a mental illness?

Blom Kajsa,
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Answer: Mental illness can go from severe to mild symptoms. Shrinks are closeminded, they don't know you, they won't believe your version of what is truth, you hate them but they write a depressing diagnosis of you because that is what they do. Then shockingly you have some terminal "illness" which people don't know is just a syndrome. Recovering... is another word for: well executed rehabilitation, or a long history of "doing fine" on your own, no one really judging your choices anymore.

Q: What can we learn from people with mental 'anomalies'?
I borrowed as much schizophrenia books from the library once as much I could carry. I picked one up, read about visual hallusinations and started to cry. I've never experienced anything like that, so why am I labeled to be in this 1% group of people? So, unfair. We aren't treated as people but leeches to society. We are on a small benefit from the system. Chances of job are slim, our babies taken away. We are so addicted to drugs and treatment from health care that this seems normal to us- we are brainwashed. My grandma named her disease to me in a letter, dancing illness or "skepsis" her letters were confused, crazy, didn't make much sense. Is that the way people perceive my writings? (I don't write in all capital letters though).
Connections in our brains are twisted, they say. I always wanted to rely on my own brain activity. Everyone has a psyche. It just is so insensitive how "we" are treated, stigmatised. If that don't make me angry, mad and just sleep all day, I bet the drugs will. Involuntary injections for 6 years now. Side effects make me fat. Affect my hormones, white matter, IQ, everything that is me. I don't have a life and as a schizophrenic we tend to finish ourselves off in the short run. Psycho's don't kill other people. They do it to themselves.

my thoughts on the matter. What's the matter? Everything is matter...

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