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Face your limit

Different world co-existing. into which of a story you can immerse yourself into. I was on 5-6th grade when I read the book recommended by someone who's nowadays a doctor. Now 26 year old, I still remember every detail in the books even though I haven't read them for years and don't even have a copy at home. I've been quizzing myself so much about the subject and anticipating new information, as it comes, just like I waited for the books to be published one after another. It's the best part. Peeling off the layers and seeing how it came together. I've been to the set in Warner Bro's studios. I got an hour and a half to spend there. Would have took me 4hrs easy. So many things invented and revived from myths. Plot doesn't miss anything.

Vastaus kysymykseen miksi Harry Potteria vielä kaksissakymmenissä.

Mutta loppui vastaustila. Tavallaan.

En ole tehnyt muuta kuin ollut Quora appsissa suurimman osan ajastani.
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