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What is up world

Been trying to solve where all those 200k visitors came to my blog one day, but I'm not a private detective. Ô_ö
Something seems to point to Usa Today. There is nothing there about me though. All the leads are dead.

I've been talking a lot of English with an app called English Radio... my English definately is blunt. I feel like people in the Eastern part of the world are very postive and friendly. I felt good when I was in a chat room with them or having private chats. I even sang a little today. I sang This is Halloween and dilly dilly and Yesterday, by the way. I also was told by my step-dad ... to throw him with small rocks, but please don't sing, a long time ago...

My fiancé doesn't like me bothering with English, because maybe he doesn't understand. On the other he thought the dog run away today when I wrote to him that he had pooped outside already (karata vs kakata). So he is dyslexic, so what's his opinion anyway on my writing?

Ate tomato soup today (it was expensive). And salad etc. I tried to fit into a bikini so I could go to a beach but I think I'll get a sun tan some other way, if possible.

Anyway... I don't usually blog in English! I just got a quiz from buzzador for blogging and if they will update their system into a more blogger-friendly base, because advertisers are interested in blogger content more and more. I guess they did a questionnaire on if it's acceptable to get profit from blogs and older people thought it was less acceptable but young people found it ok-ay

Anyways. I'm out of cigarettes for today... already smoked a pack. Tomorrow I'll probably let myself have nicotine gum, for what I care.

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