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just saying it's harassment to me as a citizen

Finnish social security dumbfounds making a huge fail... I can't afford to live with 675€ rent plus water and a car parking lot 12e per month (it makes 720euros) with my fiance.
We can't find a cheaper place, and this is a rather good flat with space for clothing, a balcony, a functioning 58m2 flat. I used to live in 38m2 on fifth floor. It got chaotic.
Yeah, because the benefits are now 85€/month. My pension is a bit over 500 euros and at the end of the month I get 180euros now for extra security.... it got lowered down because I live with a man now.
So, how can I afford this. My fiance is not even working. Does he get 17500 euros per year from not working? He has work history, he is in an union, and can be without work for 500 days 70euros per day... but he won't get 70e/day/month. Not really.
They really screwed up and this sucks.
They will even make me pay for 385 euros that they say they "overpaid" me this month.
I don't have this kind of money!!!
Today has bigger news for sure. Tomorrow I have scheduled an interview to get into school. How I am going to get an occupation... how am I ever going to make my own money to get off this rat wheel.

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