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your regular everyday fat girl issues

I counted that if I took 300 steps in five minutes on my crosstrainer, I would have to walk almost three hours to make that 10 000 steps every day. My iPhone says that on average I walk over 2500 steps. So that's half than before. It was 700 meters to the shop and bus stop and I even walked in town. Now it's about 700 steps to the store and back.
I'm counting but I should be doing something. I have mental blocks against exercise, getting out of breath and muscles hurting etc. I should do things slowly, I guess. I won't get back to normal weight that easy. It might get easier.
Been watching Game of Thrones. I'm at the end of Season three. If next season's dvd's cost 35€, then it would be cheaper than 9,95 euros per month. Since I'm a slow watcher... always pausing for other things.
I was shopping for and marks&spencer, but I should save some money first. So I didn't buy anything. Nice yellow denim shorts or bra's or flat sandals might be nice.
Yeah, really... I'm probably size 24 and my shoe size is 7.5 and bra is 44DD/E.
I would say that it is there, my size.

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