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transition to English, easy

I don't have sciatica pain anymore!
That was nice to notice. eventually.
I lost almost a kilo from yesterday. I guess throwing up chocolate since my newly cleansed stomach didn't stomach it did the trick. I didn't eat much yesterday anyways
My bmi is still very bad in terms of how obesity goes
One kilo here and there, what does it do. When it comes back?
I had headache yesterday and had a suppository to kill the pain. I tend to puke the pain killers nowadays...
Had some nice banana weetabix this morning.
Peoples have been laughing at me for not using organic maple suryp but where do you get that in Finland? Where is the scientific evidence for this diet? I mean, I though the maple suryp is just for sweetening. I haven't even used suryp, I used stevia before.
I think I was emptied completely yesterday.
It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.
hmm, why am I writing in English btw. I guess I ran out of idiots to write to in my own language.
I was singing some songs yesterday and sent my videos to youtube xD
I guess with my tonsils out and everything I wouldn't make a singer, but maybe a children's song now and then.
But hey... more to come in writing I hope.

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