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suosittelen qensiota!! Suomesta tarvitaan postitutkimukseen väkeä


Dear QENSIO-participant,

we have started a new measurement and are searching urgently for reliable survey participants from

·         Finland
·         Norway
·         Sweden
·         Iceland
·         Luxembourg
·         Israel
·         Denmark
·         Portugal

The new participants should agree to receive the following test items and report them in our system (for more details see the attached user guide):

transponder | E-format | packages

The candidates interested to participate would need to sign up online:

For each new survey participant you recommend, who registers by  the end of February and successfully completes the three weeks test phase, you would receive 200 QENSIOs as bonus.
Please ask the potential participants to note your name in the field "How did you learn about us?", so we can track the recommended by you candidates. Additionally we kindly ask you to send us the name of the recruited person via Email to

We are looking forward to many applications and greet cordially,

Your QENSIO Team

Beschreibung: logo_qensio_signatur

Neumarkter Str. 81
D-81673 Munich

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