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keskiviikkona, huhtikuuta 15, 2015

somewhat of a title

I don't usually like to talk on the phone, but now that it's updating to iOS 8.3, which takes hours, I would like to phone my friend.
It figures.
I made turkey roast today and it seems that I like chicken flavor noodle broth a lot.
Ryanair is disappearing from Finland so no more cheap flights to London anymore after this autumn. It sucks. They could've waited another few years.
I'm watching Angel Season 4. I'm pausing a lot though, for example when a though comes to my head and I have to blog about it, so I pause.
My boyfriend is coming back tonight, yeah.
There was snow falling down last night and it stayed on the ground and tree tops for a while but now it's warm again. Yesterday it poured down rain for like two minutes while it was sunny, and that means summer is coming.
Everything's in order here. I'm just slightly bored again. It's middle of the day and my computer is busy so I can't mix the last song she sang (actually probably first one) yesterday evening. But I guess 2 songs is enough for now. idk
She does have a facebook page, as well. aaaand there is the link.
I hope she don't mind I used her pictures on videos etc promotion I tried to do.

I still haven't got my font. Last time I heard from them, he said they were 90% done :( I got the money back, but yeah. Bit disappointed really...
I guess it wasn't such a piece of cake, not really.
What else... nothing muh at the moment. Every step takes it time,. Lisael said I was wise for saying life isn't handscripted. I also added that you also don't hear a soundtrack... yeah well...
Whatever you do, make it extraordinary. Even if it's just in your mind... people are not that extraordinary, we are just different.

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