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sea without fish

Was at the cinema yesterday and after that me and my friend headed to an open stand event in a local restaurant. We saw Insurgent movie. Bit of a disappointment, really. I did like the books, to a degree.
Got home around midnight after some drinks and lots of smoking. I listened to the recording I took of her own songs performed by her, before I got to sleep. She has a nice voice and some meaningful lyrics. I understood most of them at least.
The last song she does, it's in English.

I had beer, cider, and a mint hot chocolate, with hot chocolate and mint vodka. I also ate out yesterday though I did make turkey breasts at home before I left.
Some man almost came home with me but we were both reserved. I don't know his age. Some artist on paper. It was fun. I've never been bought a drink let alone took someone home from a bar. Which of course didn't happen this time, either.

I'm pretty exhausted. It's fun to do this sort of thing, but still it takes a toll.

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