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je adore vos écrits

I have been writing for two years this blog. I know mostly my viewers are from USA or Finland... maybe because of my strong twitter account with lots of American followers. And my (bad) reputation in Finland as a fat ugly stupid girl with crazy stuff...
But, I go on and try to transform myself, I guess?
I have a letter to write to Usa, but I already did one letter and I'm having a block in writing again.
Perhaps it is back to the drawing board for me. What I know already is what I should write.
Not everyone knows these statistics, especially if they are new to my blog. It is possible to reach out to a bigger audience if I switched languages but also harder to get noticed etc. Maybe some people enjoy translating my texts with google translate and laugh... I don't know?
Well today I felt really better about myself. Then I ate too much and it rained and now I kind of lost that happy feeling. Flow you could have called it. I am sure if I just stretch my fingers out a bit I can reach it again... it's close.
I'm excitedly waiting for my own font from my handwriting. I really hope they are able to do it. omg.
I could share it for free, or just keep it to myself. Depends.
I watched yesterday The Last Air Bender from tv. It had lots of elements to it that reminded me of Buddism. It was just a fantasy movie though just like any fantasy book I could be reading. Like the Death Gate Cycle, which I am reading...
But yeah not too many posts per day. Not too much sweet things, or you'll feel a tummy ache. Too much fun and it'll end up in tears. That sort of thing.
I want to know my true purpose in life. So bye.

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