anonyymit pysykää poissa! Kerjääminen kielletty


if it makes sense, now?

Yesterday was fun in all sorts of ways. We had a guest, a small seven-year old boy, from my boyfriend's neighbors. They're going to see the big machines today in a fair... boys like their vehicles.
We watched pokemon and frankenweenie movies, he was doing a hama beads flower, we went to the grill kiosk across the road to feed him a double beef patty hamburger, though he had candy with him and we even got him more and he almost drank 1,5 litres of sprite.

Before he arrived though around five o'clock, I was all day around the town, visited my friend and we watched Exists movie. I had a toy for her fox terrier, and we made the sheets to her bed.
I ate fish soup, breakfast was toast, me and my friend went to a Mexican restaurant. I had chips, and she had a garlic hamburger of which I ate the rest. I also went to the market and bought lemon honey. It was interesting experience with all the marketmen selling their products so loudly.

The boys parent's had dogs too, so I was being kissed a lot by a dog that likes to kiss a lot.
I haven't mentioned where I ate the fish soup, but it's a place for young people that offers free food. After I ate I rushed to see my person, who is sort of an outpatient care personnel... it's just called home rehabilitation in Finnish. I saw her shortly. I'm going to apply to a school next week that is special occupational teaching. Maybe something to do with computers or IT, is what I'm enrolling/applying to.

I heard it was going to be a very warm day of high's coming from Russia. I instantly imagined we'd getting a summer as warm as in Moscow.
But yeah, hopefully that answers what I pretty much wrote last night when I was going to sleep. I was just so tired, I couldn't even sleep yet for another hour.
This morning I woke up at six to test my inner clock... I was sure the boy would wake up at six, so I kept my other eye open kinda.
So yes, another writing time for me.

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