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expertism of boredom

I'm just so bored that I can't be bothered with anything.
I think the Frozen song stole my tag. It's how I feel and what I think most of the time. except it's not "the cold never bothered me anyway"

It's warm outside. somewhat fourteen plus celsius. Yeaah. fuck my life.
That is how I think most of the time... can't be bothered. bored. Never feel like doing anything.
I am blogging though, right? I guess I don't often blog about this. I try to leave it out of my texts.
I'm sure there would be great gif's to add. I just wrote asss.

I can't be arsed! So, there is no such thing as free stuff. Or anything such. I'm supposed to have the greatest things to do for free. Idiots have the best time, because they find stuff to do for free, that doesn't bother them. I don't know, I was going for a saying here, but not sure what it was. The cheapest fun is free? Or something.

I'd rather be dead than this not-so-busy life. Yeah, things tend to work out and who will lift the cat's tail, if not the cat himself! Those things what were been said by my mum. It just won't help. I'm a  negative person, and I'm on antidepressants. I'm passive, lazy, lethargic, reclusive, you name it. Morbid maybe.

I don't give a damn about anything. I just leave every project in the middle of finishing.
I suck. So if I'm not worthy of people noticing me, maybe, that is alright then.
Everything gets quiet and I mean notifications, emails, messages, comments, questions, everything. That is when I feel this... unbearable nothingness. Maybe I'll grow out of this abyss. Maybe I'll get even bigger, though. I just can't be doing nothing.
But hope you enjoy my bored rant. It's easy to explain, since I'm trying to cheer myself up from this terrible ill luck, or just ignore it again how a million things I could be and needed to be doing.

I don't need angels. I keep dodging every ad that is targeted to me, since I just don't get much messages on these sites to talk to real people.
Angels were young boys in the Bible..... Did I say how morbid I was?
Yes. I'm too serious for all this living my own little world of fantasy stuff. I'm actually pretty hands-on handy, but it also means taking iniatitive to work on things head on.
So ahem. I need to put my whole body to use. Not just sit, or think, or pretty much any of this nothing but dangerous for the health thingy loneliness and smoking and sitting or eating.... which is sending me to an early grave (I hope).


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