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exercise shouldn't be taken lightly

I've already done a workout for 10 minutes without leaving my chair on this computer. I found I can do calf raises with a 5kg weight on my legs. It's a rather easy way to workout. Perfect for an anxious lazy person. Besides people do not like my ankles, so this might maybe work on somewhere near that area, I hope.
I had a beer and got a great idea, it seems. My confidence is really up, lol.
It's almost like breathing this workout. Doesn't require much, then.
I need to find more great easy workouts. The ones I can do sleeping LOL.
Well that is enough now... there would be Biggest Loser on tv in half an hour but since I munched myself away yesterday through that, it's not a great idea to watch it again, especially now that they are reruns and just keep getting older seasons show's.
Anyway, evening ruined! I'm just going to keep up this little calf raise thingy with my 5kg weight and see if I get sore calves tomorrow. Lol!
Notice how I used lol in various ways to make myself seem extra kiddy. I've seen young people write it on their hands and go lol on their phones. I'm not sure how "in" that is anymore. I though you were just supposed to smile, instead of lolling out loud... oops I mean... hehe.
I lol'd.

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