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sunnuntaina, huhtikuuta 12, 2015

entertaining myself

Feeling happy. In love with Britain. I almost bought a digital version of a British theatre experience. I will wait until I afford the thirteen euros to watch Much Ado About Nothing. I lööv Shakespeare.
It's been a warm day and I feel summer-y. I got to sleep late but then he opened my curtains. I went to get cigarettes, and our neighbour offered me a strong tobacco which got into my head since I hadn't smoked yet. But we were going for a coffee at their neighbours place and two dogs there were lovely. There was an older lady and a the kissy-kissy dog, with whom I played a little even. Your own house would be awesome. They have horses too. Living the dream, they are.
Not jel. I just felt more home with myself. I had a better posture after. The sky's turning darker, but still. And our neighbours here were having a Sunday barbeque.
When my boyfriend is travelling for a few days, I'm having a British party. I will do everything British. Yeah. I have even bought a sofa bed with underground markings and a British flag. It will arrive in a few months, I hope.

I wish you lavender's smell, pretty butterflies, and a keen eyesight.

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