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Stories in my head are better than the ones I might be able to remember to write. I was thinking last night, how I would start a vampire book. It was cool but daft at the same time. I think the name of the book was Forget and there was a librarian who was the narrator of the story and I was describing how vampires wish to be forgotten so they can survive, and what kind of books vampires have written among the ages and what they were like, in the beginning. I was making up something about books written in victim's blood and how the librarian felt about books sometimes having a bad feeling to them... but I guess I fell asleep soon after. Average person takes 5 minutes to get to sleep, don't they?

I wish I had used all the time blogging, used it to write books. I promised ten years ago I would write a book in my lifetime. To Sandra, an international co-ordinator of ef on iow. When I was an exchange student. Lots happened then. I thought I could write a life change novel to a writing competition after that, but I was still too naive, maybe.

I found a writer through Interpals Penpals, whom I wrote to there a bit of messages and added them on facebook to join their group. Apparently she has written a book. Tortured souls, it is called. Nice cover photo, too. I hope it would be a great story.

I have a date today in front of my local shop to sell a book. It's worth almost thirtty euros new, but I forgot to cancel a book club book so I can get rid of it. Something to do with nuns in some wartime in London, third part in the books. There's a TV show too complement it.

I don't know I might have my cleansing drink now... I just made one yesterday and felt so sluggish and sort of weak, I had to eat whatever. I'm not a diet really, besides 100% diets fail. I don't see the harm in that drink. I'd like to repeat to you, what all kinds of women said about this diet, but it's all a bit all-knowing bullshit. Not safe to lose over 1,5 kgs a week. You will get loose skin. etc. like it was dangerous to lose weight. What a load of bull.

I guess there could be secret hidden rules to weight loss I wasn't aware of, so it's like I had to listen to those women.

Where is the science?

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