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torstaina, maaliskuuta 26, 2015 swappi kirje *looking for pen pals* /kesken

THAT'S ME: swap @kajsab
Name: Kajsa S. Blom
You can also call me: kitujainen is my Instagram nickname and blog address but no one calls me that…
Date of Birth: 29. 09.- 88
Birthplace: Tampere, Finland… current city
Gender: female
Starsign: Libra Dragon
Currently living in: Tampere, Annala part of city
Haircolour: brown. kind of dark. with a bob perm atm
Eyecolour: my mum has grey eyes and dad blue eyes so I’d say hazel
Siblings: yes… my biggest half-sibling is 18 years, and from mum’s side there are 2 brothers and a sister I last saw when she was a baby. They are born 2001, 2004 and 2007.
Relationship status: engaged
Children: no. but I am pro-life so if I messed up I wouldn’t abort that person
Pets: I want a hamster, but my fiance’s dog hunts. I’m a dog person
Occupation: on a pension, retired, geeky crazy undifferentiated schizophrenic whatever you want to call me.
Hobbys: I play iPhone games and blog and smoke and read and do hama beads and knitting/crocheting, loom band bracelets, occasional drink and cooking. My fiancé mostly does cleaning at my home ;)
Favourite Food: I only don’t like risotto, tomato juice, etc. but I eat a lot so I’d say cheese bun/rolls. and soft fizzy drinks or something. or perhaps tobacco. I do like subway sandwiches
Favourite Music: hard rock / top 40 (uk)
Favourite Book: I read all sorts of bestseller, fantasy, horror etc books I like easy-to-read things, in English or Finnish
Favourite Movie: I’ve seen them all so I really can’t pick. I prefer tv-series nowadays and your occasional Netflix flick
Favourite Colour: lavender
Favourite Actor: so many to choose from… I’m not a great picker. I used to like when I was a kid Kevin Sorbo from Hercules or Xena and had a crush on Daniel Radcliffe when I was 12… actors are humans so you always hear some things about them so really prefer the characters they are acting
Favourite TV-Show: right now it’s the Walking Dead maybe. Started a few series to watch on Netflix, like House of Cards, Supernatural. I have 4 Charmed books to read. I used to watch X-files at midnight when I was 9, but nowadays it’s a joke. I’ll watch almost any
My current crush: engaged but I do have a guy in London who I’ve met couple of times in London and years ago in this city. We keep in touch sometimes :/
My current obession: I was obsessed with until I got banned. Everything only lasts for so long. Right now I have a few games on my iPhone that I play constantly
What I like: I watch the Biggest Loser and other weight loss series from tv, they and cooking shows are only things I watch, not even news interest me. I like my grandparents who are still alive. I like my life because sometimes I don’t miss a thing.
What I dislike: risotto? My dad had to West Highland Terriers and they were fed a sot of risotto so it was the only food I wouldn’t touch. I just looked at my dad and he said I don’t have to eat it.
What I'm scared of: nasty comments and whether they are all true. like being fat ugly crazy and whatever they come up with because I don’t think thoughts like that about myself. It doesn’t fit my brain.
I could never live without: laptop. smart phone. cola….
My big(gest) dream: I don’t dream, I just live on air in big castles of clouds….
If I had three wishes, they would be: be less random. Keep a pen pal for many years. Friends not leaving me.

Some nice words: It’s not always like this. Everything you are will change.

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