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torstaina, heinäkuuta 03, 2014

I see you visit from other countries.

  • Finland 441 
  • United States 115 
  • Luxembourg 24 
  • Ukraine 13 
  • Germany 
  • Brazil 
  • United Kingdom 
  • Philippines 
  • Sweden 
  • Taiwan 2
this week. It's a bit much. I want to know more about the U.S. because I seem to get lots of traffic from that country and most of my twitter followers are American :-/
From All Time visitors:

  • Finland 41535 
  • United States 7175 
  • Israel 1114 
  • Ukraine 837 
  • Germany 812 
  • China 741 
  • United Kingdom 374 
  • Russia 180 
  • Indonesia 173 
  • Sweden 119
I don't know if anyone is interested in this. I have loads of blogs and tweets in English, so why push it over here. This is my sanctuary for Finnishness xd

ANYWAYS. Today bought almost 5e worth of cards (12pc) and I'm planning on sending some cards through postcrossing. And if anyone loves moose, I have 4 cards for doing a direct swap *_*

What else. Fail, on my smoothie daily challenge this month, but I'll make one later for an evening snack (the one which replaces you "dinner", since you might eat dinner quite later than Finns, dunnoes) today.... 

uhum. See you London in less than a week. I still haven't packed. A lot of the trip is still foggy. Details details. How to get to the Stansted train station and right train to Liverpool St etc. But we will get local sims and oyster cards from my London guy... he'll help a lot.
why is this text so small.
the end, peoples..

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