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Joanne Kathleen Rowling, master of the pen

I know quite a bit about this writer, and of her recent works, which is going to be a seven book series under a pseydonym, about a detective called Cormoran Srike. She is also the same age as my mother, their birthdays just a week apart. I have read her biography and know of her struggles as a single mother, writing in a local cafe. She has met the Royal Queen of England a few times and their massive bank account numbers have been along the same lines. Where did she gain this money if not from the most known children’s fantasy books of all time, the adventure of Harry Potter and his friends. Not that adults weren’t just as keen on reading them.
As a child, Rowling made up stories full of witches and fantasy and they were important to her sister, too, who she was always entertaining with them, and she wrote her first book quite early. She graduated in 1986, after which she took a job in Portugal, had her first child at which time the story of his most famous works was fully formed in her head.
Rowling likes to write things on paper by handwriting, but sometimes she used an old manual typewriter to write her manuscript for her book. Some of her drawings have been seen, on accompanying books for the Harry Potter series, such as The Tales of Beedle the Bard. She also wrote a book for adults, and all her seven books about the young famous wizard have been made into films. Her fans have grown up with her books and a lot of that is now over, since the books and films are out.
J.K. Rowling has given information about her wizarding world for free online and isn’t planning on continuing that story. She could have been a billionaire due to the success of her writing, but she has given so much to charity, it seems money isn’t her most important priority. I read the first book when I was still in primary school. A couple of years later, I read the same book in one day in English, and later even the thickest book that came out, I read in just one day and a few hours.
J.K. Rowling is married, alive and well living in a castle she has in Scotland and also having a high security flat in London, might she need to visit the West End. Her fans wish for more books and she has given a lot of boys and girls, that are my age, real childhood memories and a fanbase to which you can feel yourself part in, the kind of big hype for life to circulate around, always waiting for the next book or film, everyone to speculate on powers Harry might have that You-Know-Who didn’t have… and she gave us a story about friendship and love, and an extraordinary boy and book characters we learned to love and hate.

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